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Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel – (QUICKSPIN) SLOT REVIEW

Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel: Slot Overview

The beloved children’s tale “The Three Little Pigs” serves as a timeless narrative, imparting the wisdom of diligent effort before reaping the rewards, a philosophy that has resonated not only with youngsters but also with software provider Quickspin. The Swedish casino games designer initially found success with “Big Bad Wolf” in the early/mid-2010s, followed by “Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special” about eight years later, “Big Bad Wolf Megaways” after that, and even a “Big Bad Wolf Live” edition. Continuing to explore the tale’s narrative potential, Quickspin presents the latest installment – “Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel.”

When constructing something durable, opting for steel is a prudent choice. Without steel, the proliferation of skyscrapers, while impressive, might be viewed differently. The world portrayed in “Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel” reflects a scenario where the age-old confrontation between pigs and wolves unfolds amidst rolling green hills, an old-fashioned windmill, and quaint cottages scattered about. Although not an exact replica of previous “Big Bad Wolf” games, the ambiance remains consistent: charming, tranquil, and, of course, porcine.

Encased within a straw-built structure, the gaming grid of “Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel” consists of 5 reels, each accommodating 3 rows and intersected by 25 paylines, where wins are granted from left to right starting from the first reel. With four available RTP models, the default return value is set at 96.14%, maintaining high volatility (5 out of 5) across all return levels. Players can place bets ranging from 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin.

The three central characters of the classic tale serve as the three high-paying symbols, followed by an axe and a trowel as the mid-value symbols, and the card ranks 10 to A as the low-value symbols. Achieving a 5-of-a-kind winning line results in payouts of 1 to 2 times the bet for the card ranks, 5 times the bet for the mid-value symbols, and 15 to 25 times the bet for the high-value symbols. Wild symbols make appearances on all five reels, and Piggy Wilds may emerge through one of the forthcoming features. All types of wilds act as substitutes for regular pay symbols, with 5 regular wilds yielding a payout of 40 times the bet, while wild versions of the pig symbols carry the same value as their non-wild counterparts.

Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel: Slot Features

Tumbling Reels

The Tumbling Reels mechanic in “Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel” eliminates winning symbols from the reels after they’ve formed winning combinations. Symbols cascade from top to bottom, providing an additional opportunity to secure a win. The tumbling sequence concludes when no new wins are generated.

Piggy Wild

Following the second, fourth, and sixth consecutive tumbles in a sequence, the red, green, and blue piggy pay symbols transform into Piggy Wilds.

Pigs of Steel

Pig symbols are shielded during tumbles that result in wins and subsequent removal. After the removal of 3 piggy symbols, protection level 1 is attained, and upon the removal of 6 piggy symbols, protection level 2 is reached. Protected symbols undergo a reduction in protection levels during a tumble instead of being completely eliminated from the board. A symbol loses its protection status when it no longer retains any levels of protection.

Bonus Games

Obtaining 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols in the base game unlocks 10 free spins in the Bonus Game, Super Bonus Game, or Ultra Bonus Game, respectively. Each bonus round introduces a win multiplier, commencing at x1, x2, or x3 for the Bonus Game, Super Bonus Game, or Ultra Bonus Game, respectively. Scatter symbols exclusively appear in the base game. Across all three bonus rounds, the accumulation of Moon symbols triggers additional rewards. Amassing 3 Moon symbols grants +2 free spins and doubles the win multiplier, while gathering 6 Moon symbols provides an additional +2 free spins and doubles the win multiplier once more. In the Bonus Game, the Pigs of Steel and Piggy Wild meters reset between spins. In the Super Bonus Game, the Pigs of Steel meter does not reset between spins, but the Piggy Wild meter does. In the Ultra Bonus Game, neither the Pigs of Steel nor the Piggy Wild meters reset between spins.

Buy Feature

Players have the option to expedite the feature activation by utilizing the Buy Feature. By paying 60 times the bet, they can purchase 3 or more scatter symbols to trigger the feature with an associated RTP of 96.41%. Alternatively, for a cost of 240 times the bet, players can buy 4 or more scatter symbols to initiate the feature, boasting an RTP of 96.78%.

Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel: Slot Verdict

“Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel” stands as a commendable sequel that successfully strikes a balance between the familiar and the innovative. This installment not only pays homage to its predecessors but also caters to fans of the earlier games without feeling forced, unnecessary, or overshadowed by the past. While the series has undergone graphical enhancements over time, it is the evolution of gameplay that truly shines, and “Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel” emerges as one of the most engaging entries in the series, potentially even the most playable.

The game boasts a seamless flow, with action emanating from various directions—tumbling reels, Piggy Wild transformations, and the protected symbols element. These elements individually contribute to keeping the base game dynamic, ensuring a steady flow of wins and maintaining high levels of engagement. Additionally, the three distinct bonus rounds offer a tiered progression, each level surpassing the previous one in terms of excitement. The only minor point of concern arises from the realization that guaranteeing access to the Ultra Bonus Game or upgrading to it from the Super Bonus Game is not always possible. However, all three bonus rounds deliver moments of excitement, and the game’s maximum win potential of 18,081 times the bet adds an enticing element to the overall experience.

Given the popularity of the original “Big Bad Wolf,” the time it took for Quickspin to release another installment was surprising. Nevertheless, with “Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel,” the studio makes up for lost time, presenting a highly playable game that not only evolves the series but also caters to the preferences of fans of the past titles. Quikspin casino slots can play in all top Dama N.V. casinos with active Dama NV casino bonuses.


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