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Beef Up the Bonus: Slot Overview

High Limit Studio describes their slot game, “Beef Up the Bonus,” as their ‘meatiest slot ever.’ However, it’s important to clarify for vegetarians and animal rights enthusiasts that this game doesn’t delve into the controversies of meat production or the mass slaughter of cattle. Instead, it celebrates the grandeur of mighty bulls in their natural habitat, featuring them looking formidable, snorting, and stomping their hooves. The game incorporates familiar elements such as a prize wheel, a hold ‘n win round, and free spins, but it introduces a few innovative tweaks that add an element of intrigue.

“Beef Up the Bonus” is enhanced by Games Global and showcases visuals that embody what the studio calls an Art 2.0 concept, striking a balance between minimalism and vibrant attraction. Notably, the game features an imposing bull, reminiscent of the iconic black bull billboards of Spain, set against a vivid desert backdrop that might remind players of a Mark Rothko painting or perhaps the animated antics of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. While its graphical presentation may seem simple at first glance, the game is designed with a clean aesthetic that ultimately contributes to its visual appeal.

The game screen of “Beef Up the Bonus” features a 5-reel, 3-row layout with 20 paylines used for calculating line wins. It operates on a medium volatility mathematical model and boasts a default Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.01%, though this rate may be adjusted lower in certain jurisdictions. Betting options range from 20 cents to $/€40 per spin. With the highest RTP setting, the game delivers winning combinations at a frequency of approximately 26.95%.

For lower-value symbols, the game employs the card ranks J through A, stylized in a Western theme, which award 2.5x the stake for a five-of-a-kind (5 OAK) line. The higher-value symbols include cacti, boots, hats, pistols, and vultures, offering payouts ranging from 3.75x to 12.5x the stake for hitting a 5 OAK. The wild symbol in “Beef Up the Bonus” appears on all reels except the leftmost one and can substitute for any regular pay symbol to help form winning combinations.

Beef Up the Bonus: Slot Features

“Beef Up the Bonus” enriches gameplay with several engaging features: the Link&Win feature, Link&Win Upgrade Trail, free spins, and a wheel feature, each adding layers of excitement to the game.

Link&Win Upgrade Trail This trail enhances the game with two types of Link&Win symbols: regular Coin symbols available on all reels and Coin Wild symbols, which appear only during free spins. Occasionally, Beef Up symbols may appear on regular pay symbols in the base game, and when they do, they’re collected by the Link&Win Upgrade Trail, which consists of three levels.

Link&Win Feature The game starts at level 1. Triggering the Link&Win feature requires landing at least 6 Link&Win symbols, which can also be activated via the wheel feature with 6-14 Link&Win symbols provided randomly. This feature begins with 3 respins, holding all Link&Win symbols in place. Landing new Link&Win symbols resets the respin count to 3, with each symbol potentially revealing cash prizes up to 50x the bet, awarded at the feature’s conclusion.

Upon collecting 20 Beef Up symbols in the base game, players upgrade to level 2 of the Link&Win Upgrade Trail. This level maintains level 1’s mechanics but introduces multipliers to initially blank positions, including a single 50x, 60x, or 70x multiplier on a random blank spot, and 2x, 3x, and 5x multipliers on the rest. These multipliers apply to the cash prizes at the feature’s end.

Reaching 40 Beef Up symbols advances the game to level 3, where the principles of level 2 apply, with an enhancement: landing Link&Win symbols now increases the multipliers on positions without Link&Win symbols, with the potential to boost a multiplier up to 1,030x.

Free Spins Horseshoe scatters appear on all reels, and landing 3, 4, or 5 scatters awards 2x, 15x, or 100x the bet, respectively, along with 10 free spins. Additional scatters during free spins add +3 spins. Free spins feature stacked Coin wilds moving across reels, substituting for all symbols except scatters. The Link&Win feature is accessible during free spins, at the same upgrade level as in the base game.

Wheel Feature Activated by landing wheel symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Wheel feature spins to award free spins, the Link&Win round, or cash prizes ranging from 5x to 5,000x the bet. This diverse array of features ensures a dynamic and thrilling gaming experience in “Beef Up the Bonus.”

Beef Up the Bonus: Slot Verdict

Diving into the comprehensive set of features offered by “Beef Up the Bonus” reveals a mix of standard and unique elements that are typical in slots developed by Games Global studios and others. High Limit Studio has tweaked these features, based on feedback from its initial years in slot development, to create a more engaging gameplay experience in “Beef Up the Bonus.” These modifications are likely to resonate well with players who have been anticipating such adjustments.

A standout feature is the enhanced Link&Win mechanic, which introduces position multipliers that can reach significant heights—up to 70x at level 2 and an impressive 1,030x at level 3. This innovative approach aligns with the game’s theme of amplification and ensures that progression within the feature is retained, avoiding a reset to level 1. While the Link&Win feature focuses on straightforward symbol collection and multiplier accumulation, its lack of special symbols may divide player opinions between those who appreciate its simplicity and others who seek more complexity.

“Beef Up the Bonus” is further enriched by its free spins round and bonus wheel, the latter of which offers a chance at the game’s maximum win of 5,000x the bet. The free spins feature introduces an additional dynamic with its coin stack movement across the reels.

For players in search of a high-intensity slot with a vast array of special symbols and a colossal maximum win, “Beef Up the Bonus” might seem underwhelming, akin to a plant-based alternative to a meaty classic. However, for those who enjoy the consistent excitement and the particular style of Games Global’s Link&Win slots, “Beef Up the Bonus” promises to deliver engaging gameplay with its blend of frequent feature triggers, a prize wheel, and free spins, catering well to this audience’s preferences.


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