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Beam Boys: Slot Overview

Hacksaw Gaming invites players to don their safety goggles and dive into the whimsical world of “Beam Boys,” a realm where kittens join forces with laser pointers in a unique online slot experience. In “Beam Boys,” players witness cats emitting laser beams from their eyes, strategically placing wild symbols throughout the game grid. This concept might raise an eyebrow or two, promising a blend of the peculiar and the playful for those willing to explore with plain sight rather than superhero-like laser vision.

Hacksaw Gaming is known for embracing various artistic themes and styles, with “Beam Boys” marking its foray into a ‘black and white’ era. This stylistic choice mirrors the aesthetic seen in previous releases like RIP City, Chaos Crew, and Itero, featuring a predominantly monochrome palette that’s occasionally interrupted by vibrant bursts of blue or orange. One of the standout features of “Beam Boys” is the ability for players to adjust the game’s volatility to their liking. By toggling a switch, users can shift between Normal Volatility, highlighted by a cool blue hue, and Extreme Volatility, where orange dominates the visual theme. Adding to the game’s charm is the lead feline character, a cyborg kitty adorned with metallic implants and shooting lightning bolts from its eyes, standing guard next to the grid and adding a layer of intrigue to the gameplay.

In the “Beam Boys” slot game, volatility varies significantly between settings. The Normal mode, sometimes considered low volatility, receives a 2/5 rating, while switching to Extreme mode sends the volatility soaring to a full 5/5. The Return to Player (RTP) also adjusts based on the chosen setting, with the Normal mode offering a default RTP of 96.35%, and the Extreme mode slightly lower at 96.26%. Players have the flexibility to set their stakes from 10 cents to $/€100, and there are four feature buy options available to further customize their gaming experience.

Unlike Hacksaw Gaming’s typical slot formats, “Beam Boys” employs a ways-to-win mechanism on its 6×4 game board, deviating from traditional paylines. This method presents a total of 6,561 ways to win, a figure that stands out as it exceeds the usual 4,096 ways typically found in a 6×4 grid setup.

The game features a variety of pay symbols starting with the basic 10 to A card ranks in a muted gray, escalating to more thematic icons like a dead mouse, bird, fish, rabbit, and snake. A combination of six matching royal symbols yields a payout of 0.5 times the bet, whereas landing six of the higher value symbols can pay between 0.8 to 2 times the bet. The wild symbol, represented by the Laser Cat, spreads lightning bolts to other positions on the grid, acting as wilds and substituting for all regular pay symbols to potentially create winning combinations.

Beam Boys: Slot Features

This segment delves deeper into the unique features of Beam Boys, including the volatility switch, Wild Rows, the bonus game, and the options for feature buys, enhancing the gaming experience.

Volatility Switch: The Normal Volatility setting typically results in smaller, more frequent wins, while the Extreme setting offers larger wins but less often. The hit rate is set at 35.75% for Normal and 33.11% for Extreme.

Wild Rows: The game features Wild Laser Cat symbols on reels 2 to 6. When a Wild Laser Cat appears, it fires a laser beam leftward across all positions in the row, transforming them into wilds and increasing win potential.

Bonus Game: Triggering the bonus game requires landing 3 to 6 scatter symbols, rewarding players with 5, 10, 20, or 40 free spins, respectively. The free spins round enhances the likelihood of encountering Wild Laser Cat symbols, and securing additional scatters during this mode can grant extra free spins.

Feature Buy Options: Beam Boys offers four feature buy options, accessible in both volatility settings:

  • BonusHunt FeatureSpins: For 5x the bet, each spin is tenfold more likely to activate the bonus game. The RTP stands at 96.32% for Normal and 96.38% for Extreme Volatility.
  • Wide Spectrum FeatureSpins: Costs 50x the bet, guaranteeing at least one Wild Laser Cat symbol on reels 2 to 6, with RTPs of 96.3% for Normal and 96.32% for Extreme Volatility.
  • Narrow Spectrum FeatureSpins: Priced at 200x the bet, ensures a Wild Laser Cat lands on reels 4 to 6, with RTPs of 96.3% for Normal and 96.4% for Extreme Volatility.
  • Photonic Fur Bonus: Offers 10, 20, or 40 free spins for 110x the bet, with RTPs of 96.32% for Normal and 96.33% for Extreme Volatility.

These features and options provide a comprehensive and versatile gaming experience, allowing players to tailor their gameplay according to their risk preference and strategy.

Beam Boys: Slot Verdict

Despite featuring the characteristic dynamic elements seen in Hacksaw Gaming slots, including fresh twists, “Beam Boys” somehow missed the mark in delivering the warmth and engagement typically found in their titles. The game’s limited color palette and the eerily expressionless, white-eyed cats might contribute to its less approachable demeanor, making it less endearing than other offerings from the developer, such as the engaging narratives of “Hand of Anubis” or “Mayan Stackways.”

Hacksaw Gaming is renowned for crafting slots with standout moments of excitement, and “Beam Boys” possesses the mechanics to deliver these thrilling experiences, especially with its innovative ways system. For instance, landing a Wild Laser Cat symbol on the furthest reel can extend wilds across the board, connecting all symbols and unlocking the game’s substantial maximum win potential of 12,500x in any mode, whether during the base gameplay or bonus rounds.

This ability to achieve maximum wins across different phases is a hallmark of Hacksaw Gaming’s design philosophy, showcasing their knack for integrating potent features into their slots. However, despite the technical prowess and engaging mechanics like the volatility switch and spreading wilds, “Beam Boys” tends to lack the depth and emotional resonance found in other games within their portfolio. The game, while innovative, feels more like a showcase of novelty rather than a fully rounded, satisfying gaming experience.



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