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Aussies Vs Emus: Slot Overview

After their intriguing “Napoleon Vs Rabbits” slot, Blue Guru Games has delved into another unique historical event for their latest creation, “Aussies Vs Emus.” This slot draws inspiration from a rather peculiar episode in history, the Great Emu War of 1932. This incident saw Australian soldiers in Western Australia attempting, albeit unsuccessfully, to control an emu population that was wreaking havoc on crops in the Wheatbelt region. This unusual conflict even inspired a 2023 action-comedy film titled ‘The Emu War’, and now, it’s the focal point of this intriguing online slot.

The game’s design effectively captures the essence of the dry Western Australian landscape. Players are greeted with visuals of dusty brown terrain, twisted trees, and swiftly moving clouds, creating an atmosphere where one can almost feel the heat and buzzing flies. This setting, seldom featured in online slots, is impressively brought to life by Blue Guru Games’ design team.

At the heart of “Aussies Vs Emus” is a 7-reel grid, each holding 7 symbols and utilizing a cluster pays system for rewarding wins. Wins are formed when 5 or more identical symbols land adjacently, either vertically or horizontally. Upon winning, these symbols disappear, triggering the cascading feature where new symbols drop in, potentially leading to consecutive wins within the same spin. This dynamic gameplay is supported by a highly volatile mathematical model, offering a default Return to Player (RTP) of 96.1%, which slightly increases to 96.12% when purchasing the bonus round.

Bets range from 10 cents to $/€50 per spin. The game’s symbols include low-value clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades, and higher-value agricultural icons like cabbages, pumpkins, onions, and tomatoes. A cluster of 5 matching symbols can pay from 0.1 to 1 times the bet, scaling up to 100x to 1,000x the bet for a cluster of 40 or more symbols. Enhancing the gameplay are two types of wild symbols – the Aussie Wild and the Golden Aussie Wild, both substituting for regular pay symbols. Each spin guarantees the appearance of either an Aussie Wild or a Golden Aussie Wild, adding an extra layer of excitement to each round.

Aussies Vs Emus: Slot Features

“Aussies Vs Emus” slot game, developed by Blue Guru Games, includes several special features that add depth and excitement to the gameplay. Among these are the Emu Charge feature, Mystery Wheat symbols, Dynamite Mystery Boxes, and the Instant Prize Coins feature, each contributing uniquely to the player’s experience.

Emu Charge Feature: This feature is activated when an Aussie Wild or a Golden Aussie Wild symbol lands along with an Emu symbol. The Emu moves towards the wild symbol, leaving behind a trail of Mystery Wheat symbols in its path. If an Emu lands with a Golden Aussie Wild, it prioritizes any Dynamite Mystery Boxes before moving to the Golden Aussie Wild. The Mystery Wheat symbols are reveal symbols that can appear in both the base game and free spins, adding an element of surprise and potential for increased wins.

Dynamite Mystery Boxes: The Emu Charge feature can interact with Dynamite Mystery Boxes. If the Emu’s path crosses or is adjacent to these boxes, or adjacent to winning clusters, the boxes explode. This explosion reveals Mystery Wheat symbols in the surrounding area. Some Dynamite Mystery Boxes also contain additional explosions that spread more mystery symbols across the grid.

Instant Prize Coins Feature: Triggered by landing an Emu and a Golden Aussie Wild, this feature introduces several special symbols:

  • Instant Prize Coins, with values ranging from 1x to 250x the bet.
  • Collector symbols that gather the values of all Instant Prize Coins, removing them after collection and respinning each position for more Instant Prize Coins.
  • Multiplier symbols that increase the value of all present Instant Prize Coins by 2x to 10x.

Free Games: Exploding three or more Dynamite Mystery Boxes initiates at least 8 free spins. Additional boxes that explode before entering the free spins round grant extra spins and contribute to the Symbol Removal Meter. During free spins, every set of three collected boxes removes one low pay symbol from the Mystery Wheat reveals and increases the global multiplier by 1. Each exploded Dynamite Mystery Box also adds an additional free spin. Players have the option to directly purchase the free spins round for 100 times their current bet.

These dynamic features make “Aussies Vs Emus” a highly engaging and potentially rewarding slot game, offering players various ways to win and experience unique gameplay elements centered around this unusual historical event.

Aussies Vs Emus: Slot Verdict

“Aussies Vs Emus” not only presents an entertaining foray into a quirky historical event but also offers a challenging experience for players. The game, inspired by the unusual 1932 conflict where Australian forces were outmaneuvered by emus, translates this challenge into its gameplay. Players may find themselves in a similar position, trying to outwit the game’s mechanics, which can be as elusive and unpredictable as the birds themselves. This aspect of the game can make for an exhilarating yet demanding experience, especially when attempting to achieve positive outcomes through bonus buys.

Despite the potential for frustration, “Aussies Vs Emus” boasts several engaging features. The game mechanics, which include dropping mystery symbols akin to the system used in ELK Studios’ Wild Toro series, add an element of surprise and excitement. These mystery symbols can transform into pay symbols or Coins during charges, enhancing the potential for big wins. The involvement of Emus in activating Dynamite Mystery Boxes, crucial for entering the free spins round, is another dynamic aspect of the game.

The game’s design and features work together to keep the gameplay interesting and potentially rewarding. It offers a substantial maximum win of up to 16,239 times the bet, one of the highest in Blue Guru Games’ portfolio. However, unlocking the game’s full potential might require a significant alignment of its various elements, which can be challenging and sometimes frustrating if the desired outcomes don’t materialize.

The emotional connection of Blue Guru Games, with its presence in Australia, to the theme of “Aussies Vs Emus” might have influenced the game’s development, infusing it with a sense of authenticity and fun. While it shares similarities with other slots like “Wild Toro” and “Napoleon vs Rabbits,” “Aussies Vs Emus” stands out by incorporating a unique historical episode, thereby offering a distinct and entertaining slot experience.


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