Astros: Slot Overview

Somewhere deep within Red Tiger’s creative workshop, a team of innovators is dedicated to devising unique and captivating ways to entertain online gamblers. It is from this enigmatic chamber of creative thinking that games like “Astros” are born. While the exact origin of these ideas remains a mystery, “Astros” introduces a distinct gameplay concept rarely seen in online slots. In this game, players must achieve consecutive wins to unlock rows on a pyramid-shaped grid, all while striving to reach the pinnacle where a special “Seven Prize” bonus feature awaits.

When designing a game with a pyramid-shaped grid, game developers often find inspiration in Egyptian or Central American themes, as these regions are closely associated with pyramid structures. Alternatively, they could explore themes like volcanoes, as seen in titles such as Play’n GO’s “Gold Volcano” or Push Gaming’s “Mount Magmas.” However, Red Tiger has chosen to embark on an Egyptian-themed adventure with “Astros.” This thematic choice brings together the iconic elements of pyramids, golden illumination, and the exotic music commonly found in slots of this genre, creating a logically cohesive gaming environment.

The game grid in Astros is structured with 5 rows, each containing a different number of symbol positions from bottom to top: 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3. Multipliers are displayed alongside rows 2 to 5, and at the very top of the pyramid, there’s a prize value of 5,000 times the bet. It’s important to note that this top prize is not the game’s maximum winning potential, as Astros has much more to offer. Players can place bets ranging from 10 cents to $/€2 per spin, and this highly volatile slot comes with a default RTP (Return to Player) of 95.72%.

Astros deviates from the traditional multi-reel spinning slot format that you may be accustomed to. In this game, each row functions as a separate level, with the initial spin taking place on the bottom row. Symbols on the grid represent bet multipliers ranging from 0.1 times to 100 times the bet. When at least 3 identical symbols land, they become active, and the prize corresponding to the first 3 matching symbols is awarded. However, if additional active symbols of the same kind appear, their values are added to the total prize. For instance, landing 3 symbols with a 10x multiplier awards a prize of 10 times the bet, but if another 10x symbol appears, the total prize becomes 20 times the bet.

To progress to higher levels on the pyramid, players need to land 3 matching symbols on the first level, which unlocks the next level. To unlock subsequent levels, the requirement is to land at least 3 symbols of the same kind on each level. Symbols on level 2 or higher become active only if there are at least 3 identical symbols on the previous level. If a level does not have at least 3 matching symbols, the spin ends, and the total win amount is awarded.

Astros: Slot Features

Astros offers several exciting features to enhance the gameplay experience, including wilds, level multipliers, and the Seven Prizes bonus:

  1. Wilds: Wild symbols can appear on each level of the pyramid grid. They have the ability to substitute for all other symbols except the scatter symbol, helping players create winning combinations.
  2. Level Multipliers: Each level of the pyramid grid, except the first base level, is associated with a multiplier displayed to the right of it. Here are the multipliers for each level:
    • Level 2: x2 multiplier
    • Level 3: x5 multiplier
    • Level 4: x10 multiplier
    • Level 5: x50 multiplier

    When matching active symbols land on level 2 or higher, the prize amount added to the overall win is multiplied by the corresponding level’s multiplier, significantly boosting potential winnings.

  3. Seven Prizes Bonus: Bonus symbols have the chance to land on level 3 of the pyramid. If at least one bonus symbol appears on level 3, it triggers the Seven Prizes bonus feature. During this bonus, bet multiplier prize symbols are shuffled into 7 positions. A random prize value is assigned to each position, and the total amount won from the even-numbered prize positions is paid out. Prize values for each of the 7 positions can be 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, or 100x the bet. If more than one scatter symbol lands on level 3 to trigger the bonus, the prize from the Seven Prizes bonus is multiplied by the number of scatters that initiated the feature. Furthermore, landing 3 active symbols on level 5 unlocks the final 5,000x prize, which is added to the total win accumulated thus far and is paid out to the player.

These features add depth and excitement to the Astros slot, offering players various ways to increase their winnings and make the game more engaging.

Astros: Slot Verdict

Astros certainly stands out by offering a unique and somewhat simplified gameplay experience compared to many other slots. Its primary objective of building consecutive winning rows on a pyramid-shaped grid to reach the top prize of 5,000x the bet sets it apart from more conventional slot mechanics.

While Astros may not be radically different from some other row-building slots like Rome Supermatch and Grim Reaper Supermatch, it takes a simpler approach with fewer special symbols and additional features. The core gameplay revolves around achieving matching active symbols on successive rows, collecting wins along the way, and aiming for the ultimate prize.

During your review, you encountered the challenge of progressing to higher rows, often stalling at the second reel or making slower progress beyond that point. Reaching the third row added a level of tension and anticipation as symbols landed, and one can only imagine the intensity of the top row, where players vie for the elusive 5,000x prize. It’s worth noting that the top prize, while substantial, doesn’t represent Astros’ full potential, as the game offers a maximum win of 25,900x the bet.

Astros’ unique gameplay mechanics, coupled with its significant winning potential, may motivate players to continue their efforts in stacking rows and striving to reach the top. Despite the challenge, the novel approach to slot gaming can provide an engaging and thrilling experience for those who enjoy a different kind of slot adventure.


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