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Anubis’ Moon – New Casino Slot From Evoplay

Anubis’ Moon, new online casino game by Evoplay

Evoplay is back on the Dama NV online casinos with a new slot machine called Anubis’ Moon. Through this title, this developer takes you back thousands of years to the lands of ancient Egypt.

Evoplay is a software developer that has already proven its talent with the numerous games it has launched. Its titles are very popular with casino players for their graphics, their gameplays and especially their winning potential. Anubis’ Moon is a new game from this developer that is sure to be the talk of the online casino gambling world. This slot machine takes you to the Egyptian land for an adventure in the company of Anubis, the funeral god. Already available on betting platforms, it promises fun and lucrative moments for casino players. Let’s discover it in the following article.

Let Anubis Help You Reap Many Treasures

In Anubis’ Moon slot, Evoplay invites you to go on a quest for the treasures of the temple that houses the richest and most powerful priestesses of ancient Egypt. However, you will have to be careful and brave, because this room is under the guard of the great Anubis. It should be known that Anubis is the funerary god of ancient Egypt, the one who introduced the dead into the other world to be judged by Osiris.

Often called “lord of the necropolis”, Anubis used to take the appearance of a man with the head of a dog or jackal. Apart from his role as guardian of the gates of the afterlife, he also watched over the tombs of the emblematic figures of the Egyptian myth, notably the priestesses. The tombs of these priestesses are indeed sheltered in a temple of treasures that punters will try to explore in the free slot game Anubis’ Moon.

Since this temple is under the custody of the great Anubis, players will need his help to enter. Once they get there, they will have the opportunity to enrich themselves with the many features that the game incorporates. Their sessions will take place in the company of the priestesses on 5 reels and 20 paylines, and in order to enjoy this adventure, they will have to bet from 0.10 to 75 €. With a little luck, bettors can collect treasures up to 5,008x the initial bet.


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