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Andvari The Magic Ring – (FOXIUM) SLOT REVIEW

Andvari The Magic Ring: Slot Overview

Andvari The Magic Ring is an online slot game created by the Estonian software provider Foxium in collaboration with Games Global. The game’s title draws inspiration from Norse mythology, specifically from the character Andvari, a dwarf with the ability to transform into a pike at will. Andvari was known for possessing a magical ring called Andvaranaut, which played a significant role in his accumulation of wealth.

The game’s narrative begins in a picturesque outdoor setting near a waterfall, surrounded by mountains and grassy landscapes. When players trigger the free spins feature, they embark on a unique journey with Andvari as he rides a surfboard into a treasure-filled cavern. The incorporation of a surfboard into this mythological theme adds an intriguing and somewhat unconventional element to the game’s storyline. While Andvari The Magic Ring may not be the most visually stunning game developed by Foxium, the attention to detail, both large and small, contributes to its overall appeal and visual experience.

ndvari The Magic Ring offers players two primary modes of gameplay. The first is the standard betting mode, where players can select a stake ranging from 20 pence (p/c) to £/€20 and place wagers on individual spins. Alternatively, players have the option to engage with the game’s special features, such as purchasing free spins at a cost of 55.02 times the bet or using the Magic Wheel feature, which comes at a price of 33.24 times the bet. While it’s not explicitly mentioned, it is assumed that the game’s return to player (RTP) remains consistent, with a maximum RTP of 96.05%. Different RTP settings are available, but the higher level offers a theoretical hit rate of 27.57% and a highly volatile mathematical model.

Andvari The Magic Ring is presented as a 5×4 video slot with 1,024 ways to win. To achieve a payout, players need to land matching pay symbols on a minimum of 3 adjacent reels starting from the left side. The rewards for obtaining a 5-of-a-kind winning combination vary, ranging from 1 to 1.75 times the bet for lower-ranking symbols (J-A card ranks) to 3 to 10 times the bet for more valuable symbols like scrolls, wood carvings, potion bottles, or rings. The game features Big ‘W’ wild symbols that can substitute for all symbols except scatters and bonus symbols, helping players form winning combinations.

Andvari The Magic Ring: Slot Features

Andvari The Magic Ring offers a fairly typical set of features commonly found in games developed by Games Global’s affiliated studios. In this slot, players can encounter Magic Prizes, Bonus symbols, LockNWin, the Magic Wheel, and free spins as part of the gameplay experience.

Magic Prizes

Andvari The Magic Ring boasts five Magic Prizes, each with its own value. These include the Mini, Minor, Major, Grand, and Epic prizes, which are worth 50x, 100x, 250x, 1,000x, and 5,000x the bet, respectively. When players land a Magic Prize symbol during the LockNWin feature, they trigger the corresponding prize associated with that symbol.

Bonus Symbols

The Bonus symbols in Andvari The Magic Ring can reward players with either a cash prize or a Magic Prize. These cash prizes vary in value, ranging from 1 to 25 times the bet, providing an extra layer of excitement and potential winnings during gameplay.


When players land 6 or more bonus symbols in Andvari The Magic Ring, it triggers the LockNWin feature, adding an exciting dimension to the gameplay. During this feature, players receive 3 respins on a grid where all symbols, except the bonus symbols, are removed. Each time a bonus symbol lands, it resets the respin count to 3, prolonging the feature. The LockNWin feature may also include Power-Ups, which enhance the round in two ways:

  1. LockNWin Multiplier Upgrade: This Power-Up multiplies all the cash values on the screen by up to 10 times, potentially significantly increasing the potential winnings.
  2. LockNWin Magic Prize Upgrade: When this Power-Up appears, it upgrades the value of all Magic Prizes by one tier, making them even more valuable and rewarding for the player.

These Power-Ups add an element of excitement and anticipation to the LockNWin feature, enhancing the overall gaming experience in Andvari The Magic Ring.

Magic Wheel

Completing the progress bar in Andvari The Magic Ring activates the Magic Wheel feature. Players advance the progress bar each time bonus symbols land, and their progress is saved for each bet level. Once the Magic Wheel is triggered, players spin it to receive one of three potential rewards: a cash prize, free spins, or a Magic Prize. This feature adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay, as players eagerly anticipate the outcome of the Magic Wheel spin.

Free Spins

When 3 scatter symbols appear during the base game in Andvari The Magic Ring, it activates the Free Spins Wheel, granting players a generous 10 to 30 free spins. Here, players are presented with an intriguing choice – they can choose to gamble their free spins using the Gamble and Mystery Wheel feature. Successful gambles result in an increase in the number of free spins awarded, providing players with more opportunities to secure substantial wins. However, if luck isn’t on their side and they fail to successfully gamble, they’ll still receive a consolation prize in the form of a cash reward, ranging from 10 to 100 times the bet. Additionally, the potential for retriggering free spins exists, requiring 3 scatter symbols to land during the feature and granting players even more chances to boost their winnings. This gambling element adds an extra layer of excitement and risk to the free spins feature.

Andvari The Magic Ring: Slot Verdict

The saga of Andvari and his enchanted ring is a perfect fit for the world of online slots, combining elements of Norse mythology, magic, and wealth. It’s surprising that this story hasn’t been explored in the world of online slots before, given its rich narrative and thematic potential. However, there’s a twist in the tale, as the mischievous Loki later enters the story, capturing Andvari in his pike form and compelling him to relinquish both the ring and his hoard of gold. Andvari then placed a curse on the gold, ensuring it would bring misfortune to anyone who possessed it. This serves as a reminder of the vast reservoir of captivating narratives found within Norse folklore, making it a frequent source of inspiration for online slot developers.

Andvari The Magic Ring represents a bit of a departure for Foxium, a studio known for its original features and unique gaming experiences. In this case, the game incorporates a range of features commonly found in the Games Global family of studios’ slots. While this might seem like a deviation from Foxium’s typical approach, it’s important to note that these tried-and-true features can deliver substantial rewards, such as the LockNWin/hold ‘n win feature with Magic Prize jackpots. While the free spins feature may seem straightforward, it still has the potential to yield impressive wins of up to 10,000 times the bet.

While Andvari The Magic Ring shares similarities with other slots in terms of gameplay mechanics, it distinguishes itself through its engaging theme and Foxium’s characteristic attention to detail. Despite the perceived unoriginality of some features, the game’s thoughtful subject matter and Foxium’s commitment to crafting visually captivating slots make it an entertaining choice for players who appreciate this particular combination of features.

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