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777 Super Strike – (RED TIGER) SLOT REVIEW

777 Super Strike: Slot Overview

Globally, the number 7 holds a positive significance and is especially favored in the gambling realm, alongside the number 8, which is revered in certain Asian cultures. These two numbers frequently take center stage in online slots, as seen in today’s game release, 777 Super Strike, by Red Tiger and R7. Opting for such a universally liked theme may not be the pinnacle of originality, and the same can be said for the features of 777 Super Strike, which borrow heavily from In the Rabbit Hole. However, sufficient modifications have been made to ensure that 777 Super Strike isn’t merely a replica.

For those who have an affinity for the number 7 and the color green, this game might appeal to you as green is a predominant color in the game’s design, especially in the base game’s background which features a green, diamond pattern. This does shift to another color during free spins, adding some variety. 777 Super Strike offers a less repetitive experience for fans of retro gaming, blending elements like abundant 7s, crowns, and simple visuals. The game also features a mini paytable above its white reels, lending it a classic arcade feel.

Adjusting the stake is straightforward with the stake button offering betting ranges from 10 cents to $/€20 per spin, complemented by a feature buy option on the opposite side of the screen. Positioned above these controls is a 5-reel grid featuring three rows of symbols, presenting players with 243 ways to achieve a win. Wins are initiated from the leftmost reel, requiring matching symbols on at least three consecutive reels. The game operates on a medium-high volatility model and offers a default Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.72%.

The symbol set comprises low pay symbols represented by the Ten to Ace card ranks, each adorned with small crowns, and high pay symbols that include cherries, lemons, and single, double, and triple 7s. A five-symbol combination of low pays yields rewards ranging from 1.5 to 2 times the bet, while high pay symbols can award between 3 to 25 times the bet for the same combination length. Additionally, the game introduces two variants of wild symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4, both capable of substituting any pay symbol. The regular wild is joined by an expanding wild, which extends to cover the entire reel, enhancing winning potentials when part of a successful combination.

777 Super Strike: Slot Features

In 777 Super Strike, lucky players are guided on an exhilarating adventure through different free spins stages known as 7th Heaven, starting from free spins and potentially advancing through Win Spins to the climactic Wild Spins.

7th Heaven Overview: The journey kicks off when players land 3 free spins scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5, activating the free spins round. A special opportunity arises on the seventh free spin for a possible retrigger, allowing for a maximum of 21 free spins. The initial retrigger transforms free spins into Win Spins, and a second retrigger progresses Win Spins to Wild Spins. Once Wild Spins are activated, no further retriggers are possible.

  • Free Spins: This stage awards 7 free spins, with an increased presence of wilds and expanding wilds on the reels to boost winning chances.
  • Win Spins: Achieved on the final free spin by landing 3 scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5, this level guarantees 7 Win Spins where each spin results in a win.
  • Wild Spins: Triggered on the last Win Spin by hitting 3 scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5, granting 7 Wild Spins. In this stage, each spin guarantees a win, and any wilds that appear lock in place for the duration of the round.

Feature Buy Option: Players have the option to directly purchase access to the free spins feature for 100 times their bet, with the RTP for this purchase remaining at 95.72%.

777 Super Strike: Slot Verdict

The collaboration between Red Tiger and R7 is a rarity these days, so it was somewhat disappointing that their reunion came in the form of a rather lackluster game. The whole concept of using sevens in slots is overly familiar, having been explored, exhausted, and then some, making the theme and execution of 777 Super Strike less than thrilling. While there’s an audience that appreciates this traditional approach, it’s hard to ignore that it feels rather commonplace and easy to overlook in the vast sea of slot games.

The excitement didn’t exactly pick up upon delving into the game’s rules and witnessing 777 Super Strike in action either. Despite the somewhat interesting multi-level free spins feature, it doesn’t quite stand out, especially when compared to previous games like In the Rabbit Hole, Genie Nights, and Honolulu Nights, which, despite their own shortcomings, offered more engaging themes. The promise of guaranteed wins in two of the three free spins levels may attract some players, akin to moths to a flame, yet the assurance of winning doesn’t necessarily translate to substantial payouts. Moreover, the game’s top prize caps at 2,649.5 times the bet—a figure that falls short compared to other games, despite 777 Super Strike offering more ways to win.

In essence, 777 Super Strike failed to captivate a broad audience. Serving as a classic slot with a focus on the number 7 and revisiting themes previously explored by Red Tiger, it may find some favor among enthusiasts of traditional slot mechanics. However, the overall level of enthusiasm for this release was notably subdued.


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