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7 Gold Fruits: Slot Overview

In a whimsical comparison, if industries could embody people, the online gambling sector would be thriving with vitality, much like a person surrounded by an abundance of fruit. Yet, the presence of countless sweet slot games might argue against the notion of healthiness. On this note, 4ThePlayer introduces another entrant into the fruit slot genre, dubbed 7 Gold Fruits, for those who have a penchant for ‘healthy’ entertainment options.

Before you dive into 7 Gold Fruits, you might find it wise to dim your screen as this game promises to dazzle with its brightness. For gamblers who fancy wearing sunglasses indoors, perhaps citing luck as their motive, this game will justify those shades. 7 Gold Fruits stands out with its vivid, juicy fruit symbols set against the backdrop of a luminous bank environment, featuring a gleaming golden vault door and surrounded by lustrous gold coins and banknotes. At certain moments, even the fruits adopt a golden hue. The game is completed with a catchy and upbeat backing track, striving to foster an uplifting ambiance.

Players have the flexibility to adjust their bets using the “+” and “-” buttons, setting stakes ranging from 20 cents to $/€20 per spin. The game unfolds on a dynamic 5-reel setup, with each reel showcasing 4 symbols and offering 10 paylines to determine winning combinations. One of the highlights of 7 Gold Fruits is its hold ‘n win respin feature, which comes into play along these paylines, delivering some of the game’s most thrilling moments. The game operates on a medium-high volatility math model, providing a base Return to Player (RTP) of 96%, a figure that can increase when feature buys are activated.

The symbols on 7 Gold Fruits’ reels are predominantly, as the name suggests, fruit-themed, featuring a lineup of 7 different fruits: strawberries, grapes, lemons, oranges, plums, cherries, and watermelons, in addition to a bell and a ‘7’. Achieving a combination of 5 matching fruits or bells rewards players with a payout ranging from 10 to 50 times the stake. However, the specific value of landing 5 ‘7s’ remains undisclosed, as this detail was absent from the paytable at the time of review.

7 Gold Fruits: Slot Features

The feature set of 7 Gold Fruits is as varied and enticing as a fruit bowl, packed with Gold Cash Stacks, Cash Bombs, respins, free spins, Big 7 prizes, and the option to buy bonuses.

Gold Cash Stacks, Cash Bombs & Vault Scatters:

  • Gold Cash Stacks: During the base game, any fruit symbol might transform into Gold Fruit Stacks on a given spin, with only one type of fruit changing per spin. These stacks, which can land fully or partially in view, reveal cash prizes and can form winning combinations with regular fruit symbols, awarding the cash prizes of any involved Gold Fruit Stacks.
  • Cash Bombs: Appearing randomly during base game spins, Cash Bombs convert an entire reel into a Gold Fruit Stack that matches the potential Gold Fruit Stacks of that spin.
  • Vault Scatters: Landing 3, 4, or 5 vault scatter symbols rewards players with payouts of 0.2x, 1x, or 20x their bet, respectively, and triggers a bonus round where players choose between free spins or respins. Vault scatters also act as wilds, substituting for regular pay symbols.

Free Spins: In this mode, one random fruit symbol becomes the Gold Fruit Bomb, unique for the round and limited to one per reel. If 3 or more Gold Fruit Bombs appear, they explode to create Gold Fruit stacks on their reels, awarding line wins plus all cash prizes shown, regardless of winning lines.

Respins: This feature presents a grid where only blanks or Gold Fruit symbols with cash values land. Starting with 3 respins, landing a new Gold Fruit symbol resets the respin count. Cash prizes are awarded at the end, with line wins doubling the value of cash prizes on those lines. Filling 15 positions awards a Big 7 prize.

Big 7 Prizes: These prizes can appear on ‘7’ symbols on the rightmost reel, with four levels: Big, Super, Mega, and Ultra, awarding 100x, 250x, 1,000x, and 5,000x the bet, respectively. They can be won by forming a line with ‘7’ symbols or locking them in place during respins.

Buy Feature: Players have two purchase options: a Bomb Spin, ensuring a win with Cash Bomb symbols for 40x the bet (RTP 96.5%), or direct entry into the bonus round for 80x the bet (RTP 96.1%).

7 Gold Fruits: Slot Verdict

Initially, there might have been speculation that 7 Gold Fruits was a sibling game to 7 Gold Gigablox, also from 4ThePlayer, given their shimmering classic slot aesthetics. However, beyond their visually appealing exteriors, the two games diverge significantly in gameplay and features. While 7 Gold Fruits may seem at first glance to be just another entry in the fruit slot genre, it distinguishes itself with unique gameplay elements. 4ThePlayer has a knack for innovation, as demonstrated in their diverse portfolio which includes standout titles like 9K Kong in Vegas, 10X Rewind, and 60 Second Heist. They excel not only in crafting original games but also in reimagining conventional themes with a fresh perspective, often spicing them up with their distinct flair, and seemingly placing a numeral at the title’s beginning for a strategic edge.

7 Gold Fruits showcases its uniqueness in several ways. The base game introduces players to features such as Cash Bombs and Gold Cash Stacks. While it might be tempting to mistake Gold Cash Stacks for wilds initially, they actually require identical symbols to form winning combinations and only then do they release their cash values. This might seem slightly intricate at first but adds a layer of novelty that enhances the base game experience. The free spins round offers a variation on the base game, enriched with additional features, leading up to the respins feature. At first glance, this feature resembles the typical hold ‘n win mechanism where symbols lock in place, but 4ThePlayer adds a twist by doubling the value of prizes that form part of a winning line, potentially turning modest outcomes into significant wins.

Given its essence as a fruit slot with a hold ‘n win feature, it might be challenging for 7 Gold Fruits to stand out dramatically. While it may not achieve groundbreaking status, it fulfills its goal if the objective was to create a vivid, glitzy slot enriched with fruit symbols, respins, and innovative elements. In this, 7 Gold Fruits successfully accomplishes its mission.


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