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4 Fantastic Fish Gigablox – (4THEPLAYER) SLOT REVIEW

The ‘4 Fantastic’ series by 4ThePlayer has expanded to include a new member with the launch of 4 Fantastic Fish Gigablox, effectively making it a quartet. This latest entry combines the original 4 Fantastic Fish slot’s charm with the innovative Gigablox mechanic from Yggdrasil Gaming, reminiscent of the successful integration seen in 90K Yeti Gigablox. This crossover maintains the core features of the initial game while introducing the dynamic Gigablox mechanic, enhancing the gameplay experience.

4 Fantastic Fish Gigablox stands out in the realm of vibrant and cheerfully designed fish-themed slots, distinguished by its brightly colored environment. The game’s backdrop features a sun casting radiant yellow beams over the sea, creating a lively scene as various fish glide through the waters. Accompanied by lively reggae music, the game immerses players in an almost universally cheerful maritime world, where even the fish seem to wear smiles. A significant change to the game’s structure is the adaptation of the grid to a 6×6 format, now incorporating Gigablox symbols, which broadens the possibilities with up to 46,656 ways to win, adding an exciting twist to the fishing adventure.

In 4 Fantastic Fish Gigablox, adjusting your stake is straightforward, thanks to the plus and minus buttons flanking the prominent spin button, allowing selections from 10 cents to $/€80 per spin. The game operates with a default Return to Player (RTP) of 96%. As the reels commence their spin, two notable features come into play. Firstly, seaweed symbols emerge across the reels, similar to the ice blocks in 90K Yeti Gigablox, serving no purpose in win formations as they hold no value. Secondly, the introduction of Gigablox symbols, which form when reels merge to create larger symbols ranging from 2×2 to 5×5 in size. Interestingly, fish symbols can also appear as Gigablox, subsequently breaking down into individual 1×1 symbols for calculating wins.

The game categorizes its pay symbols with card royals 10 to A, adorned with hooks, as the lower-value symbols, offering payouts ranging from 0.4 to 0.8 times the stake for a combination of six. The higher-value symbols include angling essentials and marine life such as a tackle box, reel, starfish, crab, seagull, and fisherman, yielding rewards from 1 to 2.5 times the stake for six of a kind (OAK) wins. Additionally, the boat symbol plays the wild, capable of substituting for all symbols except scatters, further enhancing winning potential.

4 Fantastic Fish Gigablox: Slot Features

4 Fantastic Fish Gigablox is rich in features, offering players a varied gaming experience with opportunities for significant wins. Here’s a breakdown of the game’s exciting elements:

Fish For Cash Prizes:

  • Fish symbols appear on all reels with cash prizes ranging from 0.1 to 50 times the stake. Landing these in a winning combination awards their displayed value.
  • Look out for big game fish within these symbols:
    • Big: 2×2 Gigablox, with each 1×1 paying out 25x the bet, totaling up to 100x.
    • Super: 3×3 Gigablox, with each 1×1 paying 50x the bet, up to 450x total.
    • Mega: 4×4 Gigablox, each 1×1 offering 125x the bet, reaching up to 2,000x.
    • Big: 5×5 Gigablox, with each 1×1 symbol awarding 400x the bet, culminating in 10,000x total.

Giant Squid Bonus:

  • The Giant Squid can randomly activate one of several modifiers:
    • Squid Reveal: Converts seaweed symbols into winning symbols.
    • Giga Summon: Summons Gigablox up to 5×5 in size.
    • Squid Swap: Exchanges symbols to facilitate wins.
    • Squid Shuffle: Rearranges the reels for potential wins.

Fishing Respins Bonus:

  • Triggered by landing three or more respin scatters, starting with reels that have scatters unlocked and others locked. Scatters landing on locked reels during respins unlock them. Fish symbols that land remain locked on open reels, including Gigablox, which split and lock in place.
  • Begins with 3 respins, resetting with each new locked fish or scatter.
  • The shark feature eats full reels of fish symbols, merging their prizes and doubling the total, also unlocking top and bottom reel positions for potential prize multipliers.

Feature Buys:

  • Allows direct access to the respin bonus for 80x the bet or a single Giga Summon spin with Gigablox reels up to 5×5 for 150x the bet.

These features combine to create a dynamic and engaging slot experience, with the potential for substantial rewards.

4 Fantastic Fish Gigablox: Slot Verdict

The fusion of 4 Fantastic Fish with the Gigablox mechanic has been largely successful. However, the presence of seaweed symbols, which act as blockers on the grid without offering any value, mirrors the role of ice blocks in 90K Yeti Gigablox. Despite this, the Giant Squid bonus can turn these symbols into an engaging feature. The introduction of significantly more ways to win and the potential for substantial wins via large Gigablox symbols are welcome enhancements to the game.

Notably, fish money symbols appearing in larger Gigablox sizes, both in the base game and during respins, add an intriguing dynamic. A minor drawback is the requirement for big game fish symbols to be fully visible to claim their full prize value, differing from 4 Fantastic Fish where any part of a big game fish symbol could contribute to a win. This change adds an element of fluctuation to the gameplay, reminiscent of the variability seen with the Giga Summon bonus buy, which can be exhilarating in demo mode but more unpredictable with real stakes.

The respins bonus round remains familiar but is enriched by the addition of Gigablox fish symbols, enhancing the visual and gameplay experience. However, some players might find the maximum win cap of 10,000x the bet less appealing compared to the 90,000x potential in 90K Yeti Gigablox, potentially diminishing the lure of the Giga Summon feature.

Overall, 4 Fantastic Fish Gigablox marks a positive entry into the Gigablox series, retaining the charm of the original while benefiting from Yggdrasil Gaming’s innovative mechanic. If the lower maximum win cap isn’t a deterrent, the enhancements and expanded win possibilities offer a fresh and enjoyable take on the beloved 4 Fantastic Fish slot.



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