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3 Lucky Hippos: Slot Overview

“3 Lucky Hippos” is a vibrant slot game that stands apart from the similarly titled “3 Lucky Witches” and “3 Lucky Leprechauns,” not only in its theme but also in its development lineage. Unlike the latter two, which are creations of 4ThePlayer, “3 Lucky Hippos” is brought to life by Pear Fiction Studios, a partner of Games Global. The similarity in titles between these games from different providers might raise eyebrows, but whether 4ThePlayer will react to this naming overlap remains to be seen.

Game Features and Theme:

  • “3 Lucky Hippos” is set against the backdrop of the African wilderness, a departure from the typical settings of Pear Fiction Studios’ games.
  • The game maintains Pear Fiction Studios’ signature bright and colorful aesthetic, reminiscent of their other vibrant slots like “Granny Vs Zombies.”
  • It includes various LockNWin variants – Multiply, Jackpot, and Supreme, along with combinations of these, adding layers of excitement to the gameplay.

Visuals and Jackpot Prizes:

  • The slot features rich, vivid coloration, bringing a lively portrayal of Africa to the screen.
  • Unlike many slots that capture Africa in sunset or sunrise hues, “3 Lucky Hippos” presents a mid-day scene with a pond, lush grasslands, acacia trees, and mountain ranges resembling Mt Kilimanjaro.
  • The game offers five jackpot prizes, displayed next to the active gaming area, aligning with Pear Fiction Studios’ penchant for including jackpot rewards in their slots.

In summary, “3 Lucky Hippos” is a distinctive addition to Pear Fiction Studios’ portfolio, offering a fresh take on the African wilderness theme with its bright colors and engaging LockNWin features. The game’s lively depiction of Africa, combined with the prospect of jackpot prizes, makes it an intriguing option for players seeking a colorful and potentially rewarding slot experience.

3 Lucky Hippos: Slot Verdict

Pear Fiction Studios is well-known for its penchant for LockNWin rounds, a feature that has become a hallmark of their slots, showcased in various themes from zombies to squealing pigs, piranhas, and now, with their latest addition, hippos. “3 Lucky Hippos” continues this tradition, offering a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that is both thematically diverse and mechanically rich.

Game Features:

  • “3 Lucky Hippos” excels in its bonus rounds, with a focus on locking symbols onto the grid to accumulate cash wins and jackpots.
  • The game shares similarities with All For One Studios’ POWER COMBO range, particularly in offering LinkNWin rounds with unique abilities. Players have the chance to trigger these rounds with varying combinations of coins, unlocking different powers.
  • An option to buy bonuses allows players to tailor the game experience to their preferences, adding an element of strategy.

Gameplay Dynamics:

  • The game is bustling with features, including Split symbols that expand reels and a growing multiplier, enhancing the chances of significant wins.
  • At its core, it’s a hold ‘n win style game, with the primary excitement coming from the pursuit of cash symbols and jackpots, culminating in a potential 5,000x the bet max win.
  • The various approaches to winning, a trait common in Pear Fiction’s LinkNWin games, add depth and replayability.

Position in the Market:

  • Pear Fiction Studios’ LinkNWin games, including “3 Lucky Hippos,” are not designed to compete with the top-tier, heavyweight titles in the genre. Instead, they target the broader, more accessible middle segment of the market.
  • While it might not be a direct challenger to games like “Money Train 4,” “3 Lucky Hippos” will appeal to players who enjoy the studio’s trademark bright colors and diverse gameplay.

In essence, “3 Lucky Hippos” from Pear Fiction Studios is a vibrant, feature-rich slot game that offers a varied and enjoyable gaming experience. It’s an attractive option for players who appreciate the studio’s unique style and are looking for a slot game that combines fun themes with innovative gameplay mechanics.


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