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21 Thor Lightning Ways – (4THEPLAYER) SLOT REVIEW

21 Thor Lightning Ways: Slot Overview

A prominent figure in the realm of slot games has made his entrance, brandishing his legendary hammer and instilling fear in evildoers with his divine wrath. Indeed, the Norse God Thor takes center stage in the online slot “21 Thor Lightning Ways” developed by 4ThePlayer. The arrival of a new slot from 4ThePlayer often generates heightened anticipation, given the studio’s reputation for crafting innovative and sophisticated games. Notable examples include “3 Secret Cities,” “10x Rewind,” and “60 Second Heist,” each offering unique elements not commonly found in other slots. Now, the spotlight is on “21 Thor Lightning Ways” to see how it will live up to or surpass these expectations.

One striking feature of “21 Thor Lightning Ways” is its visual appeal, a characteristic shared by many slots from this studio. The artwork is of exceptional quality, creating a mystical game world where Thor stands poised next to the game grid, prepared to vanquish adversaries. In this game, Thor electrifies the gaming grid with Lightning Ways, a spectacle that players eagerly anticipate as it has the potential to introduce valuable multipliers. Upon triggering free spins, the setting shifts from the cool blue icy realm of the base game to a vibrant red and windy atmosphere for the bonus round. Both environments are equally captivating, adding to the overall allure of the gaming experience.

Players have three main approaches to engage with “21 Thor Lightning Ways.” The conventional method involves users selecting a stake ranging from 20 cents to $/€20 per spin and unleashing the power of the spin button, akin to Thor cracking heads. Alternatively, there are two additional options: purchasing a spin with random Lightning Ways or buying free spins. Regardless of the chosen method, the theoretical return value stands at 96%, accompanied by high volatility. The gaming action unfolds on a 5×5 matrix, providing players with 3,125 ways to win.

Themed after the Norse mythology, the low-paying symbols from 10 to A are infused with bolts of electricity, offering payouts ranging from 0.5 to 0.7 times the bet for a 5-of-a-kind combination. Stepping up in value, the higher-paying symbols include a horn full of drink, crossed axes, a ship, a golden city, a female character, and Thor himself. Achieving a 5-of-a-kind high-paying combination rewards players with payouts ranging from 1 to 5 times the bet. To aid players in their quest, the Mjolnir wild symbol comes into play, substituting for all symbols except the scatter and appearing on all reels.

21 Thor Lightning Ways: Slot Features

The game’s rallying cry is an emphatic ‘Feel the thunder with Lightning Ways!’ To experience this electrifying sensation, players can engage with various features, including the Lightning Ways feature, Lightning Strike, Thunder Free Spins, and four distinct buy features.

Lightning Ways

Every spin introduces 1 or more active Lightning Ways, resembling special win lines that come with an associated displayed multiplier. Payouts on a Lightning Way benefit from the showcased multiplier, and these wins are computed by evaluating consecutive reels from the first reel onward, following a left-to-right sequence.

Lightning Strike

Randomly, Thor has the ability to generate Lightning Ways on any spin, featuring multipliers ranging from 5x to 100x. This remarkable feat can occur either before or after the reels come to a halt. It’s worth noting that newly created Lightning Ways lines vanish as the subsequent spin commences.

Thunder Free Spins

Landing 3, 4, or 5 shield scatters results in the bestowal of 15, 20, or 30 free spins, respectively. The starting multiplier values for the free spins are influenced by the number of scatters triggering the feature, with more scatters leading to higher initial multiplier values. The free spins feature introduces additional Lightning Ways, and each victory on a Lightning Way contributes to the amplification of its respective multiplier. Furthermore, Thor retains the capability to spontaneously create new Lightning Wins at any point during the free spins round.

Buy Feature

Within the feature buy menu, players can opt for 15, 20, or 30 Thunder free spins at the cost of 50x, 100x, or 150x the bet, respectively. Alternatively, there is the option to purchase a spin with random Lightning Ways for 25 times the bet.

21 Thor Lightning Ways: Slot Verdict

“21 Thor Lightning Ways” emerges as a distinctive addition from 4ThePlayer, albeit not for the reasons one might anticipate. While not undermining the game, it lacks the intricate design complexity often associated with titles from this studio. Typically, 4ThePlayer slots demand meticulous examination of the pay table, scrutinizing details, and cross-referencing them with on-screen action to grasp the gameplay intricacies. While a slight exaggeration, the comparative simplicity of “21 Thor Lightning Ways” prompts such contemplation. The game, in essence, departs from the intricate structures seen in other 4ThePlayer titles, presenting special paylines on the grid with attached multipliers for players to pursue wins. It’s surprisingly straightforward, and this observation isn’t intended as criticism but rather an acknowledgment and a recording of initial impressions.

So, did “21 Thor Lightning Ways” thunderously dominate the reels, rattling the Nine Realms to their core and shaking Yggdrasil as if swept by a cosmic tempest? Well, not exactly. The slot boasts an appealing visual design, with both game phases elegantly rendered. The Lightning Ways feature is a noteworthy addition that could be welcomed in future games. However, what stands out as peculiar about “21 Thor Lightning Ways” is the pairing of a highly volatile math model and multipliers reaching up to x100 with a maximum winning potential of ‘just’ 1,500 times the bet. While not every game needs to break records, when compared to heavyweight titles like “90K Yeti Gigablox” and much of 4ThePlayer’s usual portfolio, this figure is notably low.

Prospective players should be prepared for a modest winning potential as a primary objective, particularly considering the high-risk, low-reward ratio. While it may not be as wildly innovative as some other 4ThePlayer slots, the Lightning Ways mechanism introduces an interesting and relatively unique way of injecting random multipliers into the gameplay, making it worth exploring despite its weaker elements.


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