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1 Reel Halloween – New Casino Slot From Spinomenal

1 Reel Halloween, already on top Dama NV online casinos

This Halloween season, win big by playing the new 1 Reel Halloween slot from Spinomenal. In this online casino game, spooky skeletons and evil pumpkins are the perfect indicators of the kind of experience that awaits you.

Halloween themed slots are almost as popular as Christmas ones. You will find them in the collection of many developers in the online gaming industry. Some of them are really scary and put you in the real Halloween atmosphere. On the other hand, some of them are funny and make you think of children walking through the streets looking for candy. For this season, Spinomenal has decided to give you Halloween with a lot of thrills through its new game 1 Reel Halloween. This title promises big rewards at Spinomenal in top online casinos. The details are in this article!

Break into Ghost Castle

In the 1 Reel Halloween slot, Spinomenal invites you to enter a ghost castle where you can collect big treasures. Expect to have a thrilling adventure with these scary ghosts. As you can imagine, the dark interface of this free game is occupied by the castle made of brick walls.

Since it’s Halloween time, the ghosts that inhabit this castle on 1 Reel Halloween will lend a hand during your sessions to help you win a €5,000 jackpot. Remarkably, this free slot comes with one payline and a single reel. The latter is animated by symbols that perfectly match the world it deals with. Thus, you will find ghost icons, a cauldron and a pumpkin.

As for the sound effects, Spinomenal has integrated a terror-inspiring melody into the game to immerse you in the Halloween atmosphere. To play and try to win the jackpot, you must bet between 10 cents and 10 €. The 1 Reel Halloween game also incorporates several features that will make your moments lucrative, including wild cards. The title will be accessible at best online casinos with an RTP of 96.2%. Note that it is designed with HTML5 technology and is therefore perfectly compatible with mobile devices.



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